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The EmployMe team

They guide you on how best to sell yourself to a company with tips, advice and one to one sessions. Leslea dealt with me and she was a great mentor. I took her advice to heart and reworked on my cv as well as cover letter. I sent tones of applications. Within weeks I managed to get several interviews and several job offers. I finally got a great job. Big thanks!

Stephan - Travel Coordinator

Employment assistance membership was a godsend to me when I was trying to reinvent myself professionally after moving to Denmark. They can help with valuable background knowledge, advice on cultural differences, networking, CV writing, preparing for interviews, updating your LinkedIn profile, etc. I tried a free even on networking first, then a reasonably priced workshop about finding a job in Denmark, and finally a one-on-one pre-interview consultation with Karey-Anne. I can recommend all of them – I feel they helped me a lot, especially the last one. Karey-Anne was very accommodating, squeezing me in the same day for consultation, and professional, not just giving out generic information, but adjusting it to my specific situation. She was also very supportive, following up after the interview with suggestions for next steps, etc., which I really appreciated since I was unfamiliar with the Danish hiring process and did not know what to expect. I ended up getting the first job I interviewed for, and I know that talking it through with Karey-Anne in preparation helped me to be more confident and focused. I would definitely recommend her if you have a lot of uncertainties about the hiring process in Denmark!

D K - Head of Research

After attending the employment workshops on various topics, and also having a private 1:1 session with Karey-Anne as part of the employment assistance package, I ended up interviewing with 3 companies in the same month and landing an amazing opportunity!

Alina - Account Manager

Super helpful, thorough, and genuine! As a foreigner struggling to get a job here, Karey-Anne helped me explore all avenues and gave advice on everything along the way. Definitely recommend!

Brittany - Office Assistant

These folks are great! I attended their LinkedIn for Employment workshop and it was worth every penny, well øre ? They helped me improve my profile, and following their advice immediately showed results!
I also went to the Women in Business event – got the chance of networking with lots of new people and take part in two great mini workshops!
You get lots out of their events, and they don’t cost you an arm and leg. Absolutely recommend their services!

Miranda - Copy Editor

They provided very helpful and supportive service for job searching in Denmark, with their clear and resourceful guidance + very effective face to face meetings, I was motivated to move out of my comfort zone and eventually found an ideal position within 3 months.

Jessy - Communications Manager

After going to their great informative and clear workshops in the International House I took a 3 months membership with them when I arrived in December to Copenhaguen. I was lost about the hiring process in Denmark and the membership was totally worth it! I trusted Karey Anne for guidance and advice and she was very attentive and a fast replier to all of my doubts, helped a lot correcting my cover letters, resumé and unsolicited applications, tought me how to approach and write to people in Linkedin and how to ask for coffee meetings (this got me a lunch with a CEO!). I would always recommend Karey Anne and the Welcome Group to anyone in need for a succesfull job application. She forever improved the quality of mines. As a result of this process I will start soon a new job in the company I wanted 🙂 Thanks again The Welcome Group!


Friendly, professional, and useful. Karey and the ex-pat services offered are helpful. The personal tailored approach is refreshing and valuable to anyone on the career path in Denmark.

Donavan - Health Communication Specialist

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